★ Shape Shifty Goddesses in Sweet Peas Dream ★

:: Brand spanking new song & radical video with that Freshie Sound ::

Shape Shifty Godesses in Sweet Pea’s Dream

Performed by Richual Space

Featuring Cha Feliz! Brother Chistof, Alex Rarebird & on Amazing:::

Princess Queen Uniami Sister Light Charm Sybilene Seeresses 1213 :::

::: En lakech, Osiruseth :: Gratitude and Blessings in this Now Iration :::

SSG is from ‘the ablum ‘Turn off your TV set::Turn up your Lightning Bolt!!!

Big Thanks to the patient genius of Dana Sea m.d.,
Merci Provincetown sirens :: Hana, Tessa, Yelena, Flo, Alix & Tommy Dagger :: Oui ::
rad old video ::asterix and obelix::
Heart felt meows of munay to Sweet Pea the cat.
Freel 2013

Hug Life 2020

:: Shape Shifty Goddesses in Sweet Peas Dream ::

Shape shifty goddesses flying round

Shape shifty goddesses lying down

Shape shifty goddesses En Lakech

Shape Shifty goddesses hot tub fresh

And I know that our love will blind the way

Shape Shifty goddesses and their sound

She pushed my face into the ground

Shape shifty goddesses sweet peas den

Shape shifty goddesses always been.

Sweat Pea the cat soared up below the heavens with wings of condor and eagle. High above white owl temple farm at Sophia’s well and well below the indigo nymph moon. Sweets the silver Munay kitty surveyed Maitreyas pastoral Queendom from a dusky poof center sky. Myself, the might white pine elder, spoke silently, presently, to the Grand Alchemus of Queen bee aviary. Mitosis casts circle on the summer solstice. Offering peace prayer flower to the trees. Boomer truffle fest in sweet pea’s den blesses our beloved Ether five star-dome, In Lakesh, by the community fire. Harvest moon at white owl farm soul sanctuary opens portals and scoots and scries lost souls to their true light, guided by Venus, Ganesha, Sirius, and the ephemeral goddess MiSelf and holding sacred space like pillars of salt, the benevolent patriarch OsiriSeth and Timeothy Atlantis, abide the workings of the sanctified circle in all its incarnations and irations! Sweet the honey comb, ancient modern tomb, pineal rainbow around the sun, mata familias throne, crown of Isis, blue cucina. The white owl coop bristles with the strutting of rock bard roosters. The fine feathered ladies shuffle clack and till the bountiful garden beds and mingle with the temple cats in the zen cabin. Goldfinch bluebird and bee sew the seed of our ascensions bounty. The chicks look on dreaming of finca familia deep in the cordillera (selva) buzzing the green house, in front, attached our lens of potential. We are off to doctor Schoffields for a mid afternoon farm hand check in. the doctors prescribes swimming, fresh mulberries, lovers grace, and sprouted quinoa salad. Rose and ivy splash about in long sought after pond. Reborn, spiritualized, wearing the crown of clarity, harmonized by Queen Ann and her lace, the quintessence. Pope John Paul stoned doomminding within the Mayan Orion labyrinth at the Alchemical Wedding Family Festival 2011-2020. realizing infinity within.

Seth West White Owl 2013