★ Films: Maitreya the Future Buddha Tantrik Shrine ★

Maitreya is Maximedia:: Wood, glass, water, rooster/bluejay feathers, abundance of paint, linseed oil, bone, bees wax, quartz crystal, gold, Dwhite yarn, chestnut, nip cap, artic spar, sun godbeads, rose oil, tigers eye, acacia, sage, diamond pinky ring, coal, mylar, juniper sprig, yoni fetish, cedar, dart, marble, Bismuth crystal, lemon kush puja, cloth, pills, rocks, LED’s, mirror and sweet loving time. Dimensions variable. 2003-2012-20

Maitreya the Future Buddha tantrik shrine slideshow film

Maitreya Puja offerings / Maitreya Buddha Tantrik shrine is alive with light at Samsøn Prøjects

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Puja is the ritual act of making an offering, setting an intention and receiving a blessing. This devotion activates the divine presence of the venerated deity within a sacred space. Many Buddhists and Hindus believe that the more perfect the representation of the god, the more pure the worship. Art is a stepping stone to the cosmos within us. Blessed be
Maitreya is housed in a simple cloth shrine, ecstatic with light, poised magestically above a scrying pool, Maitreya the future Buddha tantrik totem is a devotional icon/sculpture/painting as much in the spirit of sacred buddhist art as Red Grooms, Do Ho Suh and Seattles’ William Morris.