★ Living Water Ritual. Reclaiming Our Sacred Space. ★

★ Blanc Gallery ★ Bumpkin Island Art Encampment. ★

Reclaiming our Sacred Space.
Living Water Ritual.
Seth West 2020
★ In/Sight at Blanc Gallery, Cambridge. ★
★ Bumpkin Island art encampment. Boston harbor. ★
Curated and Installed by Camilo Alvarez
★ Gratitude and Blessings ★

Reclaiming Our Sacred Space.
Living Water Ritual.

Water is a substance that is alive.
It is born from underground springs and develops to maturity.
Its mysteries are similar to those in the human body.
Healthy blood is the carrier of life in the human organism.
Living water plays the same role in the body of the Earth.
Water has its own cycle of birth and transformation-
into higher forms of energy.
When treated improperly or polluted water can lose its vitality and die.
With this living water we can connect deep within ourselves
And the earth from which we spring.
Part 1:
1. Choose your sacred vessel!
2. Hold your glass under spigot.
3 Remove Short stopper to start flow.
When done pouring…
4. Replace short stopper, firmly.
5. Before you drink take a moment to reflect
On what this living water means to you
6. Give thanks !
7. Drink in this bonafide good medicine.
(Please pour water into your mouth
to keep glass clean for others.)
8. Taste it. Savor it. Feel it.
Receive its nourishing blessing.
9. Rinse glass by dunking in pink bowl.
Part 2:
Using water in red bowls…
1. Dip a cedar frond and sprinkle water on your head and body.
2. Receive.
3. Please invoke your own prayer for our sick waters.

Ritual provides a path through the unconscious into the deep well of possibility
that is inside of each of us.
Tapping into this well of self allows us to bring beauty, meaning and potential
To the surface of our lives.
Blessed be.

Spring water is from Mt. Blue spring. Wompatuck state park. Hingham, Ma.
Its Free !

Seth West 2010-2012
May you never thirst.