★ Pilchuck Polaroids Time Capsule circa ’97 ★

Pilchuck Time Capsule circa ’97 Thurman y Einar y Jamex De la Torres’ class! Second sesh. Polaroid land camera photographs:
R.I.P. Dead dog house church installation with dog food sacrament in Shwa dog bowl, Macabre Coffin & slasher Head stone, de la dingo Rover, Scratched Kitty/Stars roof. Sunshine or Rainshine go find flowers w Ana and Laura donefer to fill holy sentinel vessels. Nose cup. Fill a Notebook assignment: paint pen drawings. Duke Whalen. Soe Cariati. 40 foot Bunny mural at Mutiny Records. haha: Classic. De la Ensenada. Boombastic Space monoprint shop. Rainier and Jud. Socialisme o Muerte.