★ Best Camp Ever! ★

These spicy Kodak Instamatic X-15 photographs capture the archetypal beauty echoed in the ancient hills of Freedom, Maine.         My older sister Jordona and I were soo blessed to go to the Best Camps ever! I was the pubescent Bill Cunning-ham of the swank Med-o-lark and Hidden Valley summer camps, peopled and populated by Manhattanites, a few Connecticuts, throw in some Jersey. This sophisticated camp culture fostered and solidified in me the archetypes of freedom and beauty, shaping and forming my id and whatnot.  Kid-centric, Art-centric, with hot tubs, motor boating, waterskiing, fine  arts, fooseball, gymnastics, culinary arts, print shop, sailing, fencing, performing arts, music, indian camp with teepees, archery, llamas, a real cook, skate park, legendary weekend brunch, white water rafting, evening activities, fires, dance, movies on the barn and star gazing. We would make our own schedules. These stellar oasis’ provided an ideal spot  for manhattan jews, and some gentiles, to guiltlessly dump their kids for 1 or 2 months of the summer and were very liberating for a preteen! My Cunning-ham Memes: Red and white, Tee pees, Smiles for miles, Im the ACDC fan! Shadows, Composition framed to the right, Miss hidden valley contest ! Who are mr. and ms. Hidden Valley ?! Where are Danny Damesak (Zappa fan) and Graciella Gracelowski (leopard print)?                                                                                 Club Med-o-lark and Hidden Valley Campers, Freedom, Maine. Soul nourishing enchanted indian land.