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I am a Visual Artivist, Conceptual Sculptor, Filmmaker and Balladeer in Venice, California. My artwork primarily explores the nature of Consciousness. Concept, Intention and Light are the heart of my work. I have been blessed with a natural impulse to create. A deep curiosity, love of Art and rich imagination are my guide. All of creation is Guru. I am a grateful and enthusiastic student. Ecstatic visions energetically humanifest themselves in a myriad body of art work. My self-taut Maximalist Art practice keenly embraces sculpture, video, shrines and temples, painting, new media art, song writing, installation, EDM, performance, blown ‘Hot’ glass, woodwork, rituals, metalwork, LIGHT, sadhana, guitar, photography, storytelling, curating, poetry, social critique, snail mail scribe, recording artist, history buff, writing, drawing, conceptual cypher & intention.
Artivist = artist and activist. 


My heart-centered Maximalist Art practice enthusiastically embraces all phenomena of this precious human incarnation, as Sacred High Art, with an inclusive intention of healing our sad and beautiful world.

I have manifested my multifarious artworks at Samsøn Prøjects, Yes Oui Si, Blanc Gallery, On City Walls, COSM, Pilchuck, White Owl Temple, Embrace, Mobius and MEME.

2000-present: I have been faithfully engaged in a robust, art making, studio practice. I am an avid reader and student of history, dharma and art. Devoted Sadhu.

Currently i am owner/creator of ‘Sunset Lamps’ a hand-blown glass lighting company in Venice, Ca.

OptiMystic Curator / Peace Coast Film Feast & Peace Coast Fam Jams

Founder of the first public glassblowing school in the greater Boston area in 1999. I was the director and a teacher at The Cambridge Glass School until 2007.

Since, 2008 i have co-curated and organized The Alchemical Wedding Family Festival, an intimate intentional ritual gathering on White Owl Farm in northern Massachusetts.

My responsibility , as an artist, is to the idea not the audience, that is the difference between art and entertainment. -Paul McCarthy

The Titles of my art works are poetry, conceptual soup that my pieces swim in.

A work of art reminds us of who we are now.

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That which we contemplate is what we become. -Buddha

Practice makes Magic -Rich Space 2020 aka OptiMystic

via dame nature
the ape of art receives the invisible fire from the hand of Goduss. Thus he has the tools with which to ape nature and perform marvelous work.

Imagination is the body of god. -William Blake